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Real Benefits for Real Life

While you might excel in one domain, Thrive Life TV promises growth in life, relationships, and business, ensuring you don't have blind spots that could hinder your overall success.

This isn't about adding another task to your list but embarking on a transformative journey that promises to redefine success on your terms.

Get the chance to shape the platform with your feedback and insights, ensuring it's tailored to your needs.

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Who is Amy? 

a lot of things actually... but professionally....

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist,
  • Licensed Professional Counselor, 
  • Peak Performance Mindset Coach, and 
  • Business Strategy Consultant

for elite-impact-driven achievers.

Amy has worked with...

CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Hollywood, FBI, Secret Service & Professional Athletes.

With over a decade of experience, Amy has dedicated her life to helping high-achieving individuals and couples create lives they're passionate about.

But Amy's approach is different. She seamlessly blends professional counseling with actionable coaching strategies, ensuring that you're not just consuming content but actively working towards tangible results. Her faith-driven insights add a holistic touch, ensuring that your journey is not just about external success but also internal fulfillment.

With Thrive Life TV, you're not just accessing a platform; you're tapping into Amy's vast reservoir of knowledge, experience, and proven methods. It's a holistic experience tailored for leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone committed to excelling in life, relationships, and business.

you're in the right placE

NO FLUFF, ALL SUBSTANCE for those tired of generic advice, Thrive Life TV is a promise of substance, depth, and tangible results

β€” Amy Wine, Founder Thrive Life TV


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πŸ›  Practical Strategies: No theories that sound good only on paper. We provide proven, actionable strategies that fit into your life as it is, helping you navigate its complexities with confidence and clarity.

πŸŽ™ Straight Talk: Expect honest, straight-to-the-point conversations that cut through the noise. We tackle the hard questions and offer insights that matter, without the fluff.

πŸ”„ Continuous Learning: Life doesn't stand still, and neither should your growth. Our resources evolve with you, offering fresh perspectives that keep pace with your journey.

🌟 Genuine Stories: Real transformations from people just like you. No sensationalism, just authentic stories of change that inspire and inform.

🀲 Supportive Community: A space where vulnerability is met with support. Connect with peers who get itβ€”because they're living it, just like you.

πŸ” Focused Content: Every video, every session is crafted to address the real challenges you face. From personal development to professional growth, we stay relevant to your needs.

πŸ“š Lifelong Learning: Your growth journey doesn't expire. We're here for the long term, providing wisdom that keeps you learning and evolving, year after year.

πŸ“ˆ Tangible Outcomes: We measure success in real change. Our platform is designed to help you see and feel the difference in your life.

🏠 Integrated Life: Find the sweet spot where work and life coexist harmoniously. We show you how to blend ambition with well-being, so one thrives with the other.

🌍 Diverse Perspectives: Broaden your horizons with insights from a global community. Learn from a variety of experiences that enrich your understanding and approach to life.

We are quipping impact-driven achievers how to master the art of holistic well-being so that they can live with purpose, love authentically, & lead with lasting impact.

Why be great in just a couple of areas when you can thrive in all?

β€” Amy Wine, Founder Thrive Life TV